I write because perhaps you will relate and smile.

Navigating the waters of motherhood and womanhood with an empty nest and a dog.

Dog Quote

National Dog Day

Who's your best friend? Here's a quote to remind you. Happy National Dog Day! Wishing you many wags and kisses.   ...

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Maria and Lucy

Waggleview with Maria Bloom, IT consultant and volunteer

The Dog Owner: Maria Bloom  Maria is a highly skilled IT consultant with over 15 years of professional experience. Her expertise is in all phases of project life cycle, from conceptual design through implementation. Most recently she has worked with Vision Technologies, LLC where she has been Project Manager and a Business Analyst. There is a special place in Maria’s heart for the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford. For two years she was Co-President, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) Friends....

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There is always a new motherhood in

There’s Always a New Motherhood

  As your children grow and move on with their lives, there is still the need for some motherly guidance. No matter how old you or your children get, you will find a new type of mothering that is needed by you and your children. Are you going through a new motherhood transition? Will your child be going to school for the first time? Is your young adult leaving for college? Has your child gotten married? How do you think your mothering...

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Dory. 5 months old. Loves dirt and grass. One blue eye and one brown. Lover of horses and stuffed animals. Career goals_ Fertilization Specialist.-2

Dog On the Street Interview

Welcome to Waggleview® Yips, a Dog on the Street interview! It’s a place where beloved pups share their individuality and spirit. The Dog on the Street interview will introduce you to some adorable dogs who want to share their social media profiles, opinions, thoughts, and, of course, their cuteness. Please say Hello to Dory as she shares her social media profile. If you feel a connection to Dory, please share her profile. She's looking to make friends. Just press the pretty buttons below...

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The Importance of Play

"In rare moments of deep play, we can lay aside our sense of self, shed time's continuum, ignore pain, and sit quietly in the absolute present, watching the world's ordinary miracles." Diana Ackerman~     Life can be messy. Hard. Hectic. Tense. As an adult, you have responsibilities and commitments. Your days are filled with to do lists, which all too often don’t get completed. This makes you feel defeated. Somewhere during adult-hood you stopped playing. You want to do something to feel better,...

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